When The Sun Goes Down

from by Kai Straw



Written/Performed/Produced by Kai Straw


verse 1:
What is that sound, or what or those thoughts, I, really don't know, I, think I might drown em, a cup a vodka and 6 shots with some crown in em, couple seconds then I'm downin' em. little round pills
With a stamp on the front, I guess I'll just pop to feel better about the month,
When I go to sleep, I can't seem to drift off, too many thoughts to let my mind just slip off,
I try to get high in clouded fumes n'
I feel alone in crowded rooms
"Outcast" written on my forehead, branded
God fucked up when he put me on the planet
I can't even sleep when the sun goes down,
it's like my motherfuckin' thoughts have sound, I'd never kill myself,
I get scared when I see these shells, or maybe I would so my CD sells

Ay, got a lot to go
I said I'm ready to go
'Till I'm comfortable
I said I'm ready to go

verse 2:
See, you get depressed when you lose foundation
Drugs are cheaper vacations
Can't pray to God when I lose salvation
Gettin' drunk is my obligation
It's like
Shit, what else can I do wrong
I honestly don't believe that Ima live for motherfuckin' too long
So I'ma live forever in my songs,
and if you don't like 'em you can fuckin' move along
I don't have a chick
and now you fuckin' see it
I'm a fuckin' odd dude, you can take it or leave it
All my friends are ridin', leavin' me to dyin'
I won't act sad, but you can see it in my silence
I know I won't last like forever does,
After 6 months would it be like I never was?
If I ever was?
Why you think I got soul?
I know I'm pretty young, but I feel so old


verse 3:
I motherfuckin' wake up
Feelin' like a fuck up
Don't want to wake up
Think they know what's up
I yell for help, but my motherfuckin' voice fails
I called God but I got his fuckin' voicemail
I got dreams of cars and clothes but when it's over
It's hard to follow dreams with the world on your shoulders
But when we're older, try to fuckin' mock me
Ima get it bro, fuckin' watch me


And I'm live this whole damn life 'till it's over



from Anatomy of the I, track released October 12, 2009
Sample: Luther Vandross



all rights reserved


Kai Straw San Francisco, California

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