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Yeah, I'm wasted
Chemicals dripping down my spine
I said, yeah, I'm wasted

All I want is sex
or internet pornography
or something violent
anything to battle this monotony
I'm from the land of the vacant
the quarry of the brainless
And my story can be named as
Give me death or get me wasted
Give me freedom or I'll make it
If it's cheap and you're paying
And, no, there are no friends in this
Just a common enemy, boredom, the nemesis
I used to be smart, they told me
And I'd respond, stop bringing up the old me
but my tongue would stumble and could not make words for me
I guess I'm young and I'm dumb
I am an echo of who I did not become
A shadow of someone you thought I was
But this body is fuckin' mine
I poison it, that's fuckin' right
You can blame that on me
And my want to be free
My want to be gone
I want the ugly
I want to throw mud on a masterpiece
I'd like to fuck during mass and see
If I'll be disrupted by lightening

I'm the cost of the sameness
I'm the dazed and the lost and the..

Yeah, I'm wasted
I got this place drippin' down my spine
I said, yeah, I'm wasted
I got this place dripping down my spine
I said, yeah, I'm wasted

Let me strip you naked
And use your body to masturbate with
'Cause high off your skin
I'll forget who I am
Maybe forget who I could have been
I'm always running from something'
I wasted my mind
I'm a frankenstein
I'm what the future and past would look like if they intertwined
I'm you and I combined
I'm everything that I've read online
I'm nobody and everyone
I am God and I am Beelzebub
Oh, this boredom is the plague that got us
I thought, as all this vomit launched and stained the carpet
and the hash was passed and pills we had
were broken down by stomach acid
the grays that filled our lives
would become greens and blues and violets
And my papa is the internet
He taught me almost everything that I know
from my favorite music to sex
to everything that's
under the sun
but I'm too fucked up to see what could be done
to what I could be
the impact I could make upon history
the fact that I could change everything

I'm the cost of the sameness
I'm the dazed and the lost and the..

Yeah, I'm wasted
Yeah, I'm wasted

But I'm in love with my wasted youth


from Kaleidoscope, released July 23, 2014
Written, Performed & Produced by Kai Straw



all rights reserved


Kai Straw San Francisco, California

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