Democracy is based upon a reliable distribution of information to the public. Valid, truthful information. This information is then used by the public to cast a vote, an informed vote, to decide who will hold what position in the formed political structure. If the public is given incorrect or biased information, than their votes are invalid. If the amount of invalid votes outweighs the amount of truthfully informed valid votes than the entire system is broken.

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Politics are boring,
kind of a Maury for the middle aged,
and a story for collegiates
who are neediest for ways
to feel important and historic
and I'm bored with all the forced
metaphors relating lore
from the sixties to our sores
Move forward
You're scared? Find solutions
Don't say, "2+2 = What!?
Someone do this!"
We're a people of the can't do
in the guise of the can do
We'll crucify the God
before we crucify the vandal
we'll ban the gun
as protection for it's handler
And we'll tie your tongue
to protect you from your answers
I never vote and I don't give shit
I listen to you throwing hissy fits about the iminance
of picking presidents and it's evident
that you've found your purpose
in a theater of irrelevance
and elephants and donkeys
and bald dudes
who represent McDonald's,
Bought for less than a yacht
and some fondu

I'm hungry
I need a fuckin' donut
I'm tired of writing
I need a fuckin' donut

What is political correctness?
Because gangs aren't
black, white, latin and tibetin
And we all know it, and laugh
but on your cereal box
there's 3 kids and
none of em's black
then someone sues their ass off,
jack off,
he had a dream
and I want it reflected
upon my wheaties,
while I sit for breakfast

I swear some people don't deserve opinions
but guess who elects the presidents, these civilians,
these millions and millions of folks who get old
who wish they could've made an impact so they vote
or middle class dumb asses who at
night watch masses of
of TV and bask in
propaganda and pass it
to their neighbors, who guess what, favor
the same shit
because they're all just an echo
of the loud and the famous

So, for every 10,000 votes
one was intelligent
And yes,
this means your vote didn't matter and
the rest were caused
by jews in a white room
who choose your commercials
and influence the news

While the youth cheered

Fuck bitches get money

We've been intellectually castrated
Nudered to believe losers read
and talk right,
a culture of the dumb, a culture I'd
say might
be an embarrassment
to whatever might have made life


from To Pearl Whitney, From Howland Grouse In Loathing, released September 6, 2012
Written & Performed by Kai Straw
Produced by Suhnraw



all rights reserved


Kai Straw San Francisco, California

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