Written/Produced/Performed By Kai Straw


I'm the king and the giant, the champion
The son of God, the beast to fall
to no man, living or gone
I stand like pines inside forested calms
across mountainous cliffs
And before me, the caws of crows insisted
I was an insect
I forgive them all
For as a man as strong as I
it'd be weak to seek revenge though I
have craved their cries and shrieks
from the second they mocked me
It's tempting me to spit across their feet
tear them limb from limb and see
if their bones maintain congruency
when met with lion's teeth

I'm the apocalypse
infinite, I'm the conquerer
leaving barren waste behind
where their once stood barricades
Are you my enemy
I welcome you with open arms
and hope you charge, then pierce my gut
and while I bleed, I'll pull you up
close to my eyes then you will find
my knife resting where it was plunged
within your coward-ridden lungs
below your heart, and then your tongue
will form the words "I should've run"
instead of faced the champion
I am barbaric
I am the scourge
of the vapid minds that govern thy
sheep, thy weak, thy poor
I am as brutal as I am coarse
I am the end and I am born
I'm armageddon and a force
to be reckoned with by myths and lore
I am the champion


from To Pearl Whitney, From Howland Grouse In Loathing, released September 6, 2012



all rights reserved


Kai Straw San Francisco, California

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