The American Dream

from by Kai Straw

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I'm not just anybody
I'm so special
And anybody should know
I'm so far away
I'm so far away

I stalk the halls
like some lion to some antelope
then a hurried sound and.. another down
another coward screaming out for God himself like he's devout
lying fuck, I'm God with this here gun
and my wrath it reigns like fire from elysium
The greatest anesthetic
is a hate for a people that have earned it in your head
so it's alright
I'll squeeze this trigger tight
Until the pain that I inflict matches the pain within my mind
Until the red combats the beige that paints the walls
or until the screams beat out the bird songs in volume
Until their faces are all misplaced like some Picasso painting
Guernica across the walls, or the sobbing maid
And some will call me horror
But the quiet, the abused and awkward
They will call me martyr

I see ghosts
I see ghosts

I saw my body lose its life and drop
saw the first cop to find me kick my body until the rest told him stop
I saw the moms crying over the phone telling all
their friends that a demon took their daughter with a bullet
Then I saw my name across the news
Along with coffins too
And articles about my brain in journals, psychological
If the dream is fame, I made it
and if it's infamy, than I'm a legend through the pain and if you think it's heinous
blame the news, blame the public loving blood,
and the news reporting murders just to get their ratings up,
then couple that with being taught that success is the attention
of the media and public, and you'll have murderous intentions
then add isolation and intention becomes action
and what was once just a thought, becomes a pistol in my hand
I'm a product of my loneliness
A product of my environment
These streets are all the same, I went insane to prove I'm not like them,
to prove that I'm alive and that I'm someone not a hydrant
going dry from a city lacking lacking fire
And why through hate? Because if life has taught me something
it's that love brings you nothing but pain, betrayal, and fuckin'

I'm not just anybody
I'm so special
And anybody should know
I'm so far away
I'm so far away


from Kaleidoscope, released July 23, 2014
Written, Performed & Produced by Kai Straw



all rights reserved


Kai Straw San Francisco, California

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