Written/Produced/Performed by Kai Straw
An Incomplete track from The Tragedian's Decoupage B-Side


I shot a man and his wife and he lived longer, got stronger
Became an author
Wrote about how life made more sense when he lost her
How maybe the point of some death is to teach others
The book sold well
stopped a couple suicides
includin' mine, I wanted to tell 'em
"Thank you, I hope your wife's in heaven
I'm so sorry for her
I'm so sorry that I made your wife's life shorter
I'm so sorry I'm pathetic
Your book said that
Maybe you'd forgive me if you knew read it"
and I did and I loved it, It turned my whole life around
I don't think about when my dad used to beat me down
and make me bleed and break my teeth in
In fact I forgive him for his demons
at least I'm breathin' and we all have reasons
for our actions, I saw you, your wife, got jealous and reacted
and I'm bastard for it, your wallet, I stole it
I remember your voice, you said, "Why'd you do it?"
You were cryin' on your wife when you asked me this
and I said "For the persuit of my happiness"
That's why you named the book that right?
Cuz what I said that night? That's what caught my eye
at the store, I read it twice, and it's like
If my dad never beat me, I never woulda shot your wife
And you never woulda wrote the book that saved lives
So I guess your wife saved mine and I'm grateful
I wish I had the courage to thank you, but I don't
I just hope my sins are atoned


from To Pearl Whitney, From Howland Grouse In Loathing, released September 6, 2012



all rights reserved


Kai Straw San Francisco, California

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