Produced/Written/Performed by Kai Straw


I'm not a czar
I'm not a saint
Nor am I homeless
I'm not afar
Nor close
Nor content

I can't dream
or fall in love
I can't hope
for the best
as a small addition to the soil

I didn't get
the flowers
or the gifts
I didn't hear
your cried

But if one
thing is said
with no help
from a breath
it wouldn't say,
but it's state would confess..

I'm just another damn coffin
in another damn hole in the ground

I was young
I was brave
I was someone
I could love
I could feel
and express

But how could I have known
that what I felt was a loan
borrowed then returned
at it's

I would've been crass
or a nomad
I would've fought
for no one
but myself

And some may insist
to call me selfish
but in the end, all of us
are the same

Just another damn coffin
in another damn hole in the ground


from The Tragedian's Decoupage, released May 18, 2011



all rights reserved


Kai Straw San Francisco, California

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