Sincerely, Kai

from by Kai Straw



Written/Produced/Performed by Kai Straw


Verse 1:
Dear Uncle Seth,
I know we've never met before,
but this whole life thing has really set me off,
I was 5 when you died, and I remember my mom
would try to hide every time she cried
and I didn't understand at the time
but now I think I get it Uncle Seth, so I'm droppin' a line
See I really feel alone now-a-days
Think those who would've understood have all passed away
And you're one of 'em, I wonder if you'd like me
'Cause if you're like my mom, you're probably like me
There's a couple things I want to ask you like..
like what it's like livin' after death up in the afterlife
'Cause I've been askin' right, probably since 11
Said if you're in hell, I won't believe in heaven
And that's the thing about my mom it's odd, like
you wouldn't have happy home according to God, right?

Verse 2:
Dear Grandpa Jim, I know it's been while
I thought I'd drop a line, there's no phone to dial
To call up heaven or wherever, or whatever
It'd be kinda crazy if a call could reach forever
But anyway, I haven't talked to you since you passed
What does it feel like? Does life go too fast?
Like is the moment fleeting? Or is it like breathing
Think about it too much then it's harder achieving
I don't know I guess I really wish that we could talk
I think that you could understand the lyrics in my songs
I think I'd get along, with you and Uncle seth
Maybe we can sit when I die, and laugh about death
People try to tell me it's all black when it's over
Maybe I'd believe em if it lacked when I'm sober
I just know I'm not happy and a few are
and I hope you're doin' good, wherever you are

Verse 3:
Dear Dad-I-know you're not good with words
At least when both me and you are concerned
so it hurts, 'cause I think about every one
And sometimes it feels like I'm not even your son
I remember, me and Josh sat in his car
and he already knew that I was kinda trippin' before
I got the call
that you were with mom, but they
took her out the room
'cause the pace of your heart,
I guess I lost it
It crossed my mind when I went over to call
Mom, like did I even know you at all
Like did you even know me, or maybe just a part of me?
or was I just a kid that would embarrassed you to introduce at parties
I know we're different and all
but I wanna know my dad before the final withdrawl
the last breath, And that's the thing about life I guess,
We just, don't appreciate life 'till death


from Anatomy of the I, released January 14, 2010



all rights reserved


Kai Straw San Francisco, California

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