Written/Produced/Performed by Kai Straw


She was alone across the room,
the light looming was blue,
mixed with reds, flashing in between the two
She was beautiful
Eyes gold and green, sexually
gazing across her menu, deciding between
some oriental entrees, I can't pronounce the names
But I watched her
Unabashedly attracted
Her nose perfect,
and those eyes, incredibly symmetric
I begged for that electric
moment within the hectic lounge,
the second when our eyes connect
and then it happened
My soul exploded and impacted
Heart stopped, then began,
a defibulating practice,
and after this second of magic the
connection was broken
by a waitress crossing the path of us

The music was a cool mixture
of jazz and the electronic
which is passively ironic
the uncontrolled coupled with something
programmed, robotic

Her chew was cute, unique
and oddly magnetic to me

A year later we're arguing in a bathroom
over toothpaste, or something that didn't matter
we escaped in sex, because we made more sense that way
breathing in unison, locking eyes,
a home away from the confusion of fights
and odd competition, our minds would dismiss
and let our souls intertwine
like vines.. bougainvillea

We danced like outlaws being shot by revolvers
to electronic concoctions
Then time slowed like the oxen
and we kissed, that night at the lounge
Strangers of body, souls finally combining
after years of fate's magenetizing
Flawless lips
the softest of skin
and intellect proven through conversation
This is sex to men of cognition

I heard she was married, years later
after we dated, with a house and a family
And I'd lie if I said I didn't think of her daily
though I myself got married
It's scary
Losing love,
then trying to find someone
knowing full well they won't measure up

My skin lost pigment as life unfolded
My hair grew grey after my wife divorced me
We're still friends, and our kids were supportive
I think they knew it wasn't love

Then I saw her, and I was old then
I had a cane and my back was bent
She was still beautiful, with family and friends,
grand daughters, sons
Happy, content
And I stared like I had at the lounge
so long ago now
And after a moment, she stared right back and
my soul exploded and impacted
A flood of emotion, like a damn was broken
and tears streamed down my cheeks
and I feared if I showed them
she'd think me weak, so my sleeve stole them

Then there I was, my mind a poem
And in a moment I'll walk over
To tell her I love her, and that I've been waiting for her
And we'll laugh at the fact that we're older
Then we'll hold hands and take a stroll
Time finally agreeing with our souls
Her eyes, still green and gold
We finally made it home


from To Pearl Whitney, From Howland Grouse In Loathing, released September 6, 2012



all rights reserved


Kai Straw San Francisco, California

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