Pope Charles

from by Kai Straw



Written/Performed by Kai Straw
Produced by AP & Kai Straw


Tell me why
In the mind of the Pope you would see evil
and lead sheeple with lies and deceive people
Perceived peaceful, kind and believed feeble
But breed evil, disguised then decreed legal
Your creed's evil, judgement averted
If herded, the sheep become prey to the perverted
And you'll defend lions over lamb because they earned it
Say "they crossed the line"? Fucker, you blurred it
And you could give a shit less about some fuckin' witness
Kids just make shit up, that's what'll fix this
Wait, they're believin' em? Shit. well.
Why you got 'em bleedin' on your dick still?
Wash the shit off, I'm thinkin', sit still
We can lie and say God will forgive 'em
They gotta do what God says, at least most of 'em
And I'm hostin' em, I'll announce what we discussed
God can forgive him, so this kid must

"..Earlier this year the rind report laid bare the
physically and psychologically abusive regimes
operated by religious orders and state run institutions."

If I was lost
In the thoughts of a figure of the peace movement
I'd be soothing, calm, and lead the weak through it
I'd say, "Hello, my name is Charles,
you homeless? I got a place for you tomorrow.
Although, you can stay a while if you want to.
I'm all about peace, man, love, you should follow.
and do I got drugs? Yes. Of course. But I'm a bit short son.
Hey, whatever, it's love, you can't afford some?
Here's some for free. My best LSD.
And, man, I think you're lonely [be]cause the best left with me.
You should really come with us, and talk 'til dusk
And who you lookin' at? her? Man, she walks with us
So come chill, your real, it's in the way that you laugh
But I kinda got a favor to ask, we're gonna visit this ass
and this girl who get faker for cash, and
I'm all about the real man, the fake shouldn't last,
So here's a knife, here, take it. Wait. What? Are you fakin'?
I thought you were real, man, shit, look I'm not satan!
I'm a soldier for God, a soldier for peace
And all of these rich motherfuckers are just spawn of the beast
So come on, man

"In a scene described by one investigator as
reminiscent of a weird religious right, five persons,
including actress Sharon Tate, were found dead at
the home of Ms. Tate and her husband, screen
director Roman Polanski."

If I was peaceful, I'd dance in a war zone
And if I was evil I'd hide in the wardrobe of a good man
[Be]cause, that's where the lost search for answers
Suspect not a witch while in Kansas
So I would hide well
Disguise the truth like my lies will
You're thinkin' I'm the cleanest, but I'm sicker than your NyQuil
A trickster, blank mines trust [be]cause my lies plain
Seein' I'm a dove, but I'm a pigeon dipped in white paint
I've been to hell and back, Satan gave me pointers
Taught me how to be a king without bein' fuckin' appointed
I've avoided any motherfucker try to oust me
Why search for evil while your at a family outing?
Get it? Like why search for hours in a minute?
That wouldn't make sense, but that's why I'm in it
And I'll reign 'till infinite right under your nose
Just hope I don't poison your soul

"In the wild, it is survival of the fittest and often
the game is one by any animal who can remain unseen."


from The Tragedian's Decoupage, released May 18, 2011



all rights reserved


Kai Straw San Francisco, California

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