from by Kai Straw



Written/Produced/Performed by Kai Straw


Verse 2:
I'll account my hate on nobody that's understandin
I can count the people that I like on one hand 'n
All ya'll think ya'll important, according
to me ya'll, mom's should had an abortion
Unfortunately, proportionally
all ya'll wastin' space accordin' to me
and horribily, ignorance is demandin
I don't go to parties cuz I do not want to chance it
Do not wanna see you, fuck what ya'll think of me
I'll only like ya'll if I've had 11 drinks in me
And that's just a thing with me, I fuckin' hate ya'll
Won't understand the basis even if it was baseball
That's called a pun, you know what that is?
Ya'll dumber than the fuckin' hooker on your mattress
and man the fact is, ya'll bet wrong
Cuz when I make it, Ima spit upon your headstone

And so I'm gone with you 'cause all of you fake
I'm through with bitin' my tounge on the shit that I say
And maybe should be scared of what I want
'Cause I can feel the hate up in my bones

Verse 2:
All ya'll wantin' me cuz I'll make the charts n'
and if ya'll wet, then I'm the arson
Causin' these motherfuckers to refrain
I'll only trust my brothers, same blood in the veins
I'm insane 'n, hollow be my name n'
if your flow is wet then mine uh just got uh painted
Bought a fuckin' chain cuz you saw a fuckin' rapper wear it
But you got 3 words in your vocabulary
See ya'll hangin think ya dope, but
Ya'll would look better hangin' from a motherfuckin' rope
Kai, man, you're soundin' quite scary and
I know motherfucker ya'll made me feel like a alien
Like I'm not normal, so I'm not cordial
with any fake fuckers sayin' I'm abnormal
And that's adorable, trynna understand it?
(beat) and talk shit when they demand it.. fucker


Verse 3:
Everybody likes to copy each other and
Then they say they're independent like they do not need each other
Like they're something to discover, like they're so individual
but all the shit they do is contrived, my shit's habitual
Oh, better get a polo, cuz you saw some asshole
wear it in a photo
Yo bro, sayin dude took your style so you will rock another
When you're a copy of a copy of a-a- copy of a
That's why fucking hate you
You're not only retarded but you're motherfucking fake too
So fuck you and what you heard of, I'ma flip the bird up
and half of ya'll fakes listenin are sayin word up

So, motherfucker I'm not
fit for this shit what do I got
to do? shit, what if I thought,
you were just shit in front of my lot
If you're so sick, what if I bought,
Same shit when I'm big, I mean, why not?
Try to be my shit when I sign dots?
Was fuckin' odd but now I'm not?



from Anatomy of the I, track released January 15, 2009



all rights reserved


Kai Straw San Francisco, California

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