Of Gold

from by Kai Straw



Written/Performed/Produced by Kai Straw


Look, it just occured to them
I'm gonna fuckin' murder dem
It's fuckin' absurd that I'm
Rappin' so good immergin 'n
This is just a splerge of me
not some shit emergency
This has all been known
Born to break your bones
Born to break my bread
Born to live alone
Focused on my shit
Don't hit me on my phone
This is the end pull the rip chord
I am the shit in your zip code
Throwin a fit cuz your pissed tho
Flowin' is sick, watch your lymph nodes
Rap 'cause I hate ya'll
You're a ref with a fake call
I'm upset at the late fall
Of the fake, that's a great flaw
So I suffucate the game
Resonate my name
Great but I'm insane
See it? You're my pain
Mind tricks can kick and lines
In my shit can't find
can incline the swine
to become divine
Motherfuckin' time
Me to take what's mine
Me and Jesus dined
Anatomy of I


from Anatomy of the I, released January 14, 2010
Sample: Mars Volta - Intertiatic ESP



all rights reserved


Kai Straw San Francisco, California

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