Written/Produced/Performed by Kai Straw


Saxaphones cursing the night, trite
Like blue jazz or cats with cellos
Irony is high heels on a feminist

I'm only as stupid as people allow me
I'm only a fool if you see me in county
No need confessing if nobody saw me
So I'ma be dumb because I'm running from me
It's not even funny, how fast that I sprinted
the man in the mirror was something, admittedly,
that wasn't killing me, but indirectly it was
revealing me devils breathed out of my lungs

Dogs bark at night
No shit
The sky is blue
and so is the ocean
You're depressed and failed,
It's dark, so be a bitch and wail

Hold this, my soul's open
I need to zip it up, close it
before it's poached and dead
by diseased thoughts fed to it
I feel it, turning black
like civil rights acts
or white like tumors
or yellow like bad drivers
or red like my head when I laugh too much
acid lunches
coke for breakfast
pass the bumps, chump
I need to get high before this interview
at like lunch, I don't remember
Summer, november,
winter, august,
all this, fall is
pretty pretty
with the leaves all orange
and whatnot
Clocks be moving forward, kind of annoying
I like the hour standing still
like jack in the box before the boing
I'm scared of death
Said the old lady
to her best friend
A couple seconds later
she was gone, and careless


from To Pearl Whitney, From Howland Grouse In Loathing, released September 6, 2012



all rights reserved


Kai Straw San Francisco, California

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