Mac Dre (Tadow Remix)

from by Kai Straw

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I'm feeling weak and dreary
dealing with the evil near me
dealing with the people here
who think they're real, but really they're delusional
as am I, I rap and I'm white,
and the bay has not got behind an MC of my kind
an MC who talks like he's got the answers to life
I'm an arrogant fuck I guess
Blame my mind
Or blame my mother and father for fuckin'
I care not I'm nothing
And neither are you, honey, so your opinion is invalid to me
I've learned to listen not to those who speak a lot
'cuz dumb shit comes out they're mouth like
their tongue don't teach them nothing
Which it doesn't, you can't learn while you speakin'
So stop talking like the world wants all that stupidity leaking through your teeth
and over your tounge like a stream of dumb
And I keep believing them
I want to trust so bad, I eat lies like C-vitamins
Ahh, see vitamins,
I'm sick, if you'll survive this
you've gotta eat your veggies and do your ecsericises
Let's begin with a lesson
Do you only listen to one genre?
If you do, you're a closed minded dumb fuck and should be shot
Another question
Do you aspire to violence?
If so, I'm gonna stab you five times to be ironic, and that's a promise
I'm a prophet, fuck you if you say I'm not that,
I can be whatever the fuck I want, and I see that you are still watching
So get off me
So get off me
So get off me

I'm the most talented rapper the bay has even seen
after Mac Dre, he appeared to me in a dream
and said, why after my death the whole bay just tried to copy me,
tried to make money off my body while I was rotting,
you got it, be you and do what you do that's what I did,
and watch as everybody around you tries to copy it
You'll live forever Kai, I swear it,
Then poof, in the air, he disappeared and wasn't there
like some Jedi shit, damn,
Then I woke up, and saw biggie smalls down at the foot of
my bed, and he said something like,
"Legends aren't made, they're created.
Play the game kid." Then he was gone like he came in,
fast like some magic up in ebeniezers attic,
Then boom
Pac stepped in the room
And he said, "You're a poet, and I know this rap shit's annoying,
just remember hip-hop's a vehicle for the poem,
if we didn't add the boom-bap track we'd be ignored
so embrace it
You're so hip-hop, kid
face it, you know it
Then poof, he was gone, and I wrote this


from Kaleidoscope, released July 23, 2014
Written & Performed by Kai Straw
Remixed by Tadow (



all rights reserved


Kai Straw San Francisco, California

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