Produced/Written/Performed by Kai Straw


I stay on the ground
disregarded for the way I are
I see those in the sky
I see the bottoms of their feel, their soles
They made him hate who he was
He tried to climb to prove his worth
But his shortness of breath
At the top made him slip and then
he fell away from all their
lonely cold embrace
He fell so long and found
in his home, in his own space
That he was highly satisfied
highly satisfied tumbling his way down

Another made to serve
In heaven but hoped to reign on earth
A morning star could fall
if it wished it so
It was stuck in the sky
Wished to fall, this meteorite
So he tore his way
out of space, and who watched would say
He fell away from all His
lonely cold embrace
He fell so long ago
from the hold of proposed grace
and he was highly satisfied
Highly satisfied tumbling his way down

We'll fall from the peak
Or we already have
Been chased to a darker place
All watching it crack
We're watching it end
This construct that we've made
While most of us crawl
for what we were, some embrace the fall
And walk away from all we've done
and what we've made
We'll fall not long from now
from the comfort of this place
And we'll be highly satisfied
highly satisfied tumbling our way down


from The Tragedian's Decoupage, released May 18, 2011



all rights reserved


Kai Straw San Francisco, California

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