Written/Produced/Performed by Kai Straw


What if my nose just closes
What if my lungs collapse
attacked by the black smoke I've chosen
to inhale, openly
I think my teeth are moving
around my gums, loosening
I swear it, the pain is there it's
keeping me up enough
I can't verify it
I've been
thinking it's fantasizing
but why then
have I been having these headache's inside my
head, maybe it's a benine tumor
and I'll die sooner
if I don't get it scanned by the man
with the white coat or the grey suit on
with the couch that I'll lay soon on
But.. maybe I need it
No, that's some weak shit, I'm not weak, shit
I'm strong willed, I'll think my way out of the feeling
and kill it, but I have to think about it still
so it grows stronger with each of my attempts to
Nobody likes me, I bet
and I'll pretend I don't care, but I still do
and I can't dance but what I will do
is get drunk and embarrassed
and wake up at my parents
with my heart dropping at thoughts of
the night prior, and see that I'm a liar
when drunk or high or
Let me check if my bone's severed
I'm good, then I'll do the same thing tonight until forever
I'm a creature of habit, God
and I don't believe, yawn
But I'll pray anytime I'm down or lose my cell phone
Cell phone
That line will be out of date in like a day
and I'll view it as archaic
in the future, like now mentioning a pager to you
And while I'm at it, this beat's overdramatic and let me add that
I'm a hypochondriac if you haven't noticed that
My head's too big, my eyes too close together
and my skin's too white and eyes, blue, but forgettable
I'm a broken human, imperfect and immersed in
the business of caring what everybody says my worth is
I'm ugly, I say that on a nightly basis
and the only way I stop is by getting fucked up, wasted
And I'm stupid and I'm useless
that's the chorus, the music,
that plays anytime I try anything new is
these self-conscious views I'm
trying to break that habit
through confessional rapping
But the fact that I rap is so embarrassing that
I don't mention it anyone
and at my shows, if any come,
I'll want to hide
because I know it'll be me they're making fun of
Damn, I sound like a wreck of a man
I can pick myself apart better than anyone I know can
and how does that help me? It doesn't in the slightest
And though I know it,
it keeps ringing in my head like my tinnitus,



from To Pearl Whitney, From Howland Grouse In Loathing, released September 6, 2012



all rights reserved


Kai Straw San Francisco, California

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