Hide Your Beat

from by Kai Straw



Written/Performed by Kai Straw
Produced by C-Loz


Verse 1:
Got no equal, unsolved logarythm
This is my race, and pace is my perogative
I'm what God's Will Is, lucky number slevin
I'm ya rap career's motherfuckin' amageddon
Hello motherfucker, see I think you know what name it is
Kai Straw fucker, I'm a boss, had you sayin' it
Damn, I'm chilly, get a jacket, and bring mine
My flow's colder than Austin when it's ring time
You're failures fable
Bro, Your bread's missin' like the hole in a bagel
Abel, I am Kane and I am able
To save hiphop like I was born in a stable
Motherfucker, can't rap like this
ya Sinkin' like your stones when you can't quite piss
Here's the list, of rappers who can flow like this
...umm..uhh...well Taj-He-Spitz

Better hide your beat 'cause I'll motherfucking murder it

Verse 2:
Fucker, ya done I'm the bell in the school yard
Can't find pearl, well it's probably where my jewels are
I'm the answer, like your god damn phone rung
I'm so dope, I'm bein' sold by George Yungt find pearl? Well it's probably where my jewels are
I got chicks like a teen fight, see I
Go, and I don't even need a fuckin' green light
I got more gas than your spleen do, we do
Got more knocks than the dealers in the streets do
Flows so cold you don't need to refine it
You try to go hard but I am goin' diamond
Fucka, beef for your burger bitch
Better hide your beat cuz I'll motherfuckin' murder it
I'm dope so smoke me to the face
A mind is, such a fuckin' great thing to waste
Damn I'm fly and I don't need a fuckin' passport
Can't play me, I'm on fast-forward

Better hide your beat 'cause I'll motherfucking murder it

Verse 3:
Everybody wanna come be me, sit when they see me
game on lock motherfucker where the key be
me on repeat, can't defeat me, motherfucker see me
Look for competition but uhh dude I cannot find ya
All ya started runnin like your problems are behind ya
Please may I remind ya, bro I am the bestest
You ain't got no heart so place this beat right where your chest is
You're god damn irrelevant
I'm the fucking elephant
How ya gonna burn me, heat's my fucking element
Let me get another pen, I'm running out of ink tho
Rap's just a race, I get da mile done in cinqo


from Anatomy of the I, released January 14, 2010



all rights reserved


Kai Straw San Francisco, California

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