Hail Mary

from by Kai Straw



Written/Performed/Produced by Kai Straw


Verse 1:
Tell me what the fuckin' point of life is
Oh you don't know? well fuckin' don't lie then
Askin' where I've been, in my body just screamin'
Lookin' in the mirrior, I'm dead but I'm breathin
What am I seein *gasp* I'm drownin'
I think I got the answer but I wish I never found it
I just allowed it, I wish that I could try man
But you gonna judge me? I know who fuckin' I am
Oh, hail mary full of grace
Will you please forgive me, and embrace
my doubts, cuz father I have sinned, need encouraging
I think my soul bleeds blood red burgundy
Scared not of what I was, or what I am
but what I will become, 'cause what will I be damned?
it was man who invented the pastor, but
I'm doubting my religion, so I guess that I'm a bastard

Verse 2:
This is a chapter, honest, why lie
Prayin' to God, with your eyes to the night sky
heavin' up there? Do it 'cause your lovin' him?
you voted for McCain 'cause your daddy's a republican
Is it the same? your daddy said to love God
So you said yes sir, prayer and a quick nod
That's the thing about you, you're borrowed
Oh wait a second, here's your motherfuckin' bar code
Sorrow, lights the 'morrow, man hurled
You're a puppet, on the strings of the damn world
Why is that, everybody's pissed at, someone who
sits back, and wonder's if shit lacks
Some logic, forgive my mouth
I was raised in it, I wanna know what it's about
chastised if I doubt, I feel so crucified
So, would you believe if you couldn't die?

Verse 3:
If you hear no evil, see no evil
How the fuck would you know what it was
My thoughts when I buzz, don't bother me cuz
I'm trippin' on life, and you think you're above
These thoughts, is my soul for sale?
If it's not your religion, they all go to hell?
Like what the fuck, does that even make sense?
To any of you? a religion cuz there's so many of you?
So I digress
I don't got it figured out, but I try my best
Gaurd your chest, your heart's mid-evil
Believe in God, 'cause I see this evil
It's creepin' on us, alone in the dark
Spyin' on us, smoke in the car
It's come this far, and it's not foreign
I sold my soul but not I'm motherfuckin' back for it


from Anatomy of the I, released January 14, 2010
Sample: Barbara Streishand - Favorite Things



all rights reserved


Kai Straw San Francisco, California

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