Written/Produced/Performed by Kai Straw


Verse 1:
So what's my purpose God? You never answer me.
Is it my hate or my pride or my vanity
Why'd you put me here just to fuckin' feel like this?
just to question everything and make me feel like shit?
I'm fuckin askin' you God, I know they say you've got the answers
from this book I just got
What, the bible? Written by a man? Like
Half a the shit in this book could be read in the Quran
I don't
Fuckin' understand, God, please, tell me why?
I feel like an alien, plucked from the sky, I'm
See it in their eyes, they know that I'm a lie
I feel like there's a wall between me and my own life
I don't get it, I really fuckin' don't
And I'm gettin' fuckin' tired of doin' this alone
So if you're out there, answer, cuz I"m listenin'
And if you have, I guess I must've missed it then

Verse 2:
I don't blame, but I'm free to complain
so why do half my fuckin' problems gotta live in my brain
I feel insane, I just want to be happy
Why am I like this?
And why would I mic this?
Tellin' the whole fuckin' world how my life is
Then ya say you like this
but I am really like this
This is what I am, this is what I feel like
I hope you realize, this is all real life
I prey to God that this is just a phase
But days turns to months and months turn to decades
And death ain't a thing I can ignore
'Cause decades become coffins in the floor
So I'm wishin' for more out my
Life, and it's hardest when you're livin' it
Lookin' for a path well supposedly he's written it
I'm still fuckin'
lost, and a completely confused
cuz I've seen people happy with a fuckin' house and a view

Verse 3:
I just wish the fuckin' thought would all be worth it
Give all of the sleep I lost a motherfuckin' purpose
Cuz right now I think it's all worthless, 'cause
the universe isn't what's to be concerned with
Even earth isn't anything important
As far as life goes, we all get deported
I think it's somethin' more than we people comprehend
Cuz I don't think my thoughts will save me in the end
And even then, who needs saving
Cuz I think hell would be some immature behaving
As far as God goes, what would he be saying
I don't think anyone is really worth saving
And it's amazing, how some of us can love life
Sit and just appreciate the settin' of the sunlight
'Cause it's some site, and every crook's had it
So stop thinkin' and just look at it


from Anatomy of the I, released January 14, 2010
Sample: Lionel Richie - Hello



all rights reserved


Kai Straw San Francisco, California

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