Written/Performed by Kai Straw
Produced by C-Loz


I know you love what I say
That's why I came from the sun
My turn, ok here we go
Respect my fuckin' ego
Ego (x 12)

Verse 1:
Ya'll need a label. I did it without one
Ya'll dropped a tape? I dropped an album
motherfuckin' wowed 'em,
I'm heaven sent through the Clouds, son
Ya need a savior? Well you found one.
Look I'm a gift from God forgot the ribbon in it
(the) World's mine if I'm livin' on it
I adored all the boredom but
Life is a bitch and you can not afford 'er
Ya'll lost and you mad at me
Don't get the game? Here's it's fuckin' anatomy
You're fuckin' sad to me, caught up with she
My enviroment's (4 syl) a product of me
I'm movin'
Forward, ya'll stuck on backward
Bitch I'm dope, motherfucker here's a backwood
Flow's so cold ya'll freeze like a mac would
I came quick, now you're done, yeah I'm that good


Verse 2:
Motherfucker I'm the shit,
I'm sittin' with your bowels
Don't like my name?
Drop all the vowels. k
Better obey, me in my cirques
Better re-seat like you don't like your purchase-
You wish you had purpose but bitch you have none
Couldn't spit heat with some peppermint gum
I record it
Everything I thought it
And If you don't have it I already bought it, shit
H1N1 Sicker than the rest of 'em
Flow will stop your heart beat, cardiac arrested em
I don't eat beats, fucker I'm injestin' 'em
Try to be a rapper well dude their should be less of em
You're a bitch, here's a bouquet
I'm shinin' like the moon when it's bootlegged
Rap needs change, ya'll beggars
Ya'll left behind like some shit I did in vegas


Verse 3:
I'm on that
New shit, ya'll soundin' ancient
Funny thing is, you talk like you made it
Me I'm quite balant, I am the future
Mentioning bitch. I'm talkn of you sir
Substance abuser, I'm quite dope son
Flow's biblical, you'd think that I've wrote one
Damn, I'm gone, motherfucker alvediasain
Fuck it I shine I don't need a chain
Ya'll motherfuckin' sheep to the slaughter
I'ma eat ya'll, and feed beef to my daughter
Meaning I'ma take ya'll bread and ya water
Can't crawl to mom's cause I, I fuckin' bought her
I'm a business, ya'll better buy
Wait scratch that, I'm an enterprise
I gotta dope flow, and I mastered it
Makin' big hits, need an asterisk



from Anatomy of the I, released January 14, 2010



all rights reserved


Kai Straw San Francisco, California

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