by Kai Straw

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Written/Produced/Performed by Kai Straw


I'm not wasted, I'm just faded
So is everyone

Let's get fucked up
Forget where we come from
What our goals are, even if we have none
Let's drink until our mind numbs
Until our soul turns black
as the night we're inside of
Fuck it
Maybe if I'm lucky
The night won't end with me inside a bucket
or drunk and in public
And I'm not above it,
I can move from talking 'bout some deep shit
to shoplifting in about a drink
I'm cunning, just give me a shot to numb the morals
I can feel bad tomorrow
They tell me papa's papa liked the bottle
So did mama's
But I would know if I had a problem, I'm above it
So let's
drink, smoke, dope
drink, smoke
drink, smoke, dope

I'm not drinking tonight, but let me try a sip of that
and that and that and that and that and that
Fuck it, I'm drowning in my money
I might as well invest it on something that will guarantee make me happy
for the moment at least, the only disease
where what causes the sickness seems like the remedy
I think of
Jesus Christ, Ghengis Khan, Ares The God,
Cleopatra, Ceaser, Alexander
The Great, Ghandi
And the common link
None of them got shit on me
I'm God bitch
Like I won mormonism
I'm the flame to the parliament
Hanging from the cross, I'm him
when I'm living for the moment
That I'll forget the moment I've awoken
And in its place, shame, of who I become when
I'm full of alcohol, or whatever I come up with
when I

I'm not wasted, I'm just faded
So is everyone

My heroin or meth is sold inside a super market
And served best with a cigarette
Breaking more homes then a step dad who molested
or a earthquake shaking the American West
Get fucked up
forget where you've come from
What your goals are even if you have none
Drink 'till your mind numb
'Till your soul turn black as the night you're inside of
'Till you're touched by two men
Fuck innocence
Until we're all guilty of something
Make knots in the stomach, then numb them
I'm God, bitch
I'm God, bitch
I'm God, bitch
I'm God, bitch
When I


released March 4, 2013



all rights reserved


Kai Straw San Francisco, California

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