Devil's Advocate

from by Kai Straw



Written/Performed/Produced by Kai Straw


I don't know I'm not me no mo'
I'm sayin' a lot it's not me no mo'
Got nothin' to say
I'm a monsta
This isn't I this is my imposter

Verse 1:
You know you love me Kai, why you gotta lie to them
You know you're weak, you need me for survivin' and
Weren't born a lion why the fuck you in the lions den
Stay a sheep you won't get eatin' by the lions then
My home is the shadow of death
I'm get him when he comes through the valley depressed
See, I need a tounge for these words to express, mother-
Fucker, I can steal the soul from his chest
Kai's gone and you can't seem to find him
"I'm write here motherfucker stop lyin'!"
Hurt what he cared for, so be careful
'cause he lost it, I guess that's what it's there for, mother
Fucker, he's dyin', don't worry I'll be rappin' em
Midas touch now my tracks are turnin' platinum
Me, webster could not define, you
Couldn't find my thoughts with a map of my mind


Verse 2:
Hi, first I start with weakening his mind
Maybe take a drink or get a little high
Why? It's easier to move his fuckin' mouth
and say the things I want, the right words comin' out
See, he has nobody to confide in
So he comes to me in certain beats that I reside in
I give 'em confidence, he's takin a toll
Music is the doorway that I enter his soul, see
I'm temptation, I'm clever as fuck, ya see
I am addiction, jealousy and lust
I'm not hungry, hiphop is my food court
Walkin' in the club with my lungs full of newport
Drugs just give 'em coup de grace
Just look at it like a fucking coup de tat
He says, "my bad, vodka brings worst in me"
But I think he likes to bring me out purposely


Verse 3 (starts raining):
It's motherfuckin'
Easy, I just grab him by the throat dude
Steal his vocals speak my thoughts on pro tools
Damn, it's like he doesn't even know about it
hijack is thought and then go reroute it (door breaks open)

What the fuck?
Why you trynna be me, how come
Every time I leave, you some
How fuckin' get here, you fuck
This is it, fucker I'm done
Fuck you, everything you've made me do
Everything you've motherfuckin' made me say
and fuckin' put me through

You can't kill me I live behind your eyelids
Why kid? I thought we were friends, I'm tryin

I see you now, motherfucker leave me now
This is my only way out

see me how? Think we're the same dude I found
(gun shot) (flatline)



from Anatomy of the I, released January 14, 2010
Sample: Ray Charles - Georgia



all rights reserved


Kai Straw San Francisco, California

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