by Kai Straw

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I got the devil
Speakin' through my lips like a hypnotist
Spittin' it, I'm knowin' notta line until I finish it,
You motherfuckers witness it,
listen in, I'm innocent, I'm spittin' heat like the devil dipped my tounge in fuckin' cinnamon
I swear to fuckin' God that the law's just product to control all of us, the rich trynna solve us, law's ignorance pushes farthest - so middle finger up sayin' fuck what the law does
I got a fuckin' God chillin' livin' in my voice box
Toys talk cuz my words are gettin' boisterous
I'ma die young but my words are gonna voice us
Boy does it feel like I'm runnin' out of choices
My voice is moistest, wetter than some fuckin' oysters
and if I ever die I'll live forever in my noises
And that's the thing, when I'm long gone
I'll live forever see ya when you hit the wrong bong, gone

I got a demon
Screamin' out my throat when I wrote this
it's hopeless, my thoughts are makin' it harder to focus
And note this, he's louder when I fuckin' smoke this
I'm flowin' like your cuts when your suicide's ropeless
Oh shit, now you're fucked, scared the Dove up out your soap dish
Flow's hot, chase the devil out his fuckin' home, shit
If the truth set me free
Then why when I spit it I feel like a fuckin' heathen
Like the black
race is just as fuckin' racist as the white race is
To me this shit's basic
Then the fuckin' show stops
Blow cocks
Since you fuckin' listen rap'll be my motherfuckin' soap box
Don't believe in the news they're rejoicin'
they're hoistin' a lie for ya'll to love and rejoice in
and if you
Don't agree with my views or my choices
I guess I got the devil in my motherfuckin' voice then, yeah

I got the devil
Breathin down my neck like I'm neckless and ya'll trippin' bout your chain or your fuckin' necklace, for breakfast I eat beats and check this, what love and affection exists is not a product of the sexes
People forgot what the point of this rap was, like I'm on a motherfuckin' stage full of fuckin' actors,
Ya'll motherfucker's faker than my fuckin' laugh was, when I heard you rappin' about what you put in backwoods
I got these questions
Im gonna get my palms read
Then I'm gonna find my future is exactly what my song said
Doubt me
I dare you
You know who the fuck this face is.
And if anybody wanna doubt me, it's easy
ya'll motherfuckers racist
Fuck ya'll
Fuck them
Fuck fraud
Fuck sin
You say this a demon talkin? Fuck God, ya'll win


released March 23, 2010



all rights reserved


Kai Straw San Francisco, California

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