Coca Cola

from by Kai Straw

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I used to give a fuck until I stopped and dropped the habit
Accepted I was out of place like film to roger rabbit
I'm a pomegranate, I hold within me many seeds
I'm a I'm a hologram of many needs
Everdeen, hold three fingers to my memories
I killed them cause the past is where my laughter finds its enemies
I'm seeing enemies inside of friends inside of homes inside of dens
with so much coke up in their domes they're tellin me, bro, I miss you
They're telling me bro, you're different
They're telling me bro, why are you sober?
You were funny as a drunk, why did you change, why did you grow up
hold up
And who am I to them?
Does respect have value if it's coming from these minor men?
Are lords among the flies respected on Olympus?
Or are Queens among the ants bigger then Kings in our religions?
I'm a beetle in the scope of things, no,
An amoeba in the scope of things,
I'm lesser than the truth inside a poker game
I'm lesser than the proof that a God chose to make
us inside a pot when he was bored as fuck
So I can be crushed, I can break like some pottery does
I'm a human and not so long I'll be dust
so when it's rough, I pull the boots up
and grin like the mud isn't to my chest
I'm so used to drowning I've got gills in my neck
I'm testament to perseverance
I've churned butter instead of drowned in milk
became a cloud when I dropped and spilt
lost the tail when I felt something pulling at my scales
and lived to tell the tale without the tail, I'm still here
I'm a piece of granite, I'm a rock and I'm a man
and I'm a stop when I cannot breathe again and even then
I'm Coca-Cola


from Kaleidoscope, released July 23, 2014
Written & Performed by Kai Straw
Produced by Raspy Meow (



all rights reserved


Kai Straw San Francisco, California

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