American Cotton

from by Kai Straw

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I'm about that progress
I'm about that progress
Never look back, naw, that's
full of mall rats I'm appalled at
full of all whack shit I'm beyond like an action
figure in a pixar flick from the past,
I'm addict
to betterment like a bubblegum package
I'm like the kid doin' crack in the back
of his stepdad's attic, too young to be into that shit, gotta be active
gotta go outside, and I'm yellin' why
I'm trynna build a motherfuckin' empire
So what that I miss a couple calls
it's been a couple months and I said it'd be tomorrow
My brother tells me that I gotta call mom
And I tell 'em that I will when I get a new home for her
and I get dad in a brand new porche
and I get me living in New York
in a flat with a view of the park
and chick with an ass like a peach from my orchard in Florida
That'll be a minute
And I'll see you then and
when I do, you'll give thanks like I'm deity
So leave me be
I'm cooler than a blank * TV screen
or a pool up in jamaica, feet up,
You're telling me it's dog eat dog, yea*, I eat 'em
You're telling me to go out, you're telling me to meet up
I'm telling' you no and I got my reasons
I've got shit to do and what I'm living through
is yeah, a little bit like a prison, dude
but that's what it is, you become what you give
if you give your all, than you gain all of it, yeah

I've been working for a while
the sun was burning bright, now it's behind the moon
I wonder what tomorrow holds
I'll make it out here, I promise you

You're about that progress
I am about that progress
You're about that progress
I was about that progress
You gotta stop that young gun
You gotta go see your mom some
You can dream, don't stop them
but don't go pickin' all their cotton
Said my grandpa to me
I said, naw, who we
gonna be if we don't get our hands all dirty
I'ma work hard, even if it hurts, sorry
I'ma keep it goin' 'till I get a ferrari
And I can't slow like I'm on speed in a bus
on an earth spinnin' around like me when I'm drunk
and I'm feinding to fuck, so
get out of my way
I can't afford to lose an hour a day, I don't
got time for
dumb shit, I don't
got time for
friendship, I don't
got time
for first kisses
'cause if I see opportunity than I'll miss it
See, I'm bleeding for this shit,
it's me with a vision,
it's me with a pot cooking crack in the kitchen
I'ma stop when the cops shoot the back of my spine
or shoot the side of my eyes and hit the nerves behind 'em
or I'm murdered, I'm not stoppable
So I'll probably come back as some type of ghoul
and keep goin' as a poltergeist, I'm a fool,
I guess, for workin' for something that might not come true
but that's what it's all about
Some want love, some want keys to house
as big as a mountain, living amounts to
how you spend your milliseconds and your minutes and hours

I've been working for a while
the sun was burning bright, now it's behind the moon
I wonder what tomorrow holds
I'll make it out here, I promise you


from Kaleidoscope, released July 23, 2014
Written & Performed by Kai Straw
Produced by Zay (



all rights reserved


Kai Straw San Francisco, California

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