Anatomy of the I

by Kai Straw

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released January 14, 2010



all rights reserved


Kai Straw San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Of Gold
Look, it just occured to them
I'm gonna fuckin' murder dem
It's fuckin' absurd that I'm
Rappin' so good immergin 'n
This is just a splerge of me
not some shit emergency
This has all been known
Born to break your bones
Born to break my bread
Born to live alone
Focused on my shit
Don't hit me on my phone
This is the end pull the rip chord
I am the shit in your zip code
Throwin a fit cuz your pissed tho
Flowin' is sick, watch your lymph nodes
Rap 'cause I hate ya'll
You're a ref with a fake call
I'm upset at the late fall
Of the fake, that's a great flaw
So I suffucate the game
Resonate my name
Great but I'm insane
See it? You're my pain
Mind tricks can kick and lines
In my shit can't find
can incline the swine
to become divine
Motherfuckin' time
Me to take what's mine
Me and Jesus dined
Anatomy of I
Track Name: Hello
Verse 1:
Hi, my name is fuckin' Kailor. Hi Sir!
I got more heat, it's like I'm poppin' out the dryer
You got balls? Oh you're motherfuckin' whore has em
This shit's louder than a fucking fake orgasm
Oh, Hello, let me introduce myself
If you rap, well, you better fuckin' shoot thyself
Like why? The whole world just girated
You can't spit like you're fuckin' dehydrated
Motherfucker, try to doubt me, proudly
You weren't goin' in, so fucker, allow me
Oh damn, I think I lost my mind again
But fuck it, I don't feel like fuckin' findin' it
You're comin' like my dreams 'n, fiendin
Gettin' more pussy than a dirty magazine 'n
Hear me for you see me,Motherfuck it if you feel me
I don't give a motherfuck cuz if I did I wouldn't be me, bitch

Verse 2:
Wow, and you don't even gotta fuckin' ask nice
I'm dope and you're the motherfuckin' crack pipe
Smoke me, then forget me like I'm last night
Mark Twain, everything I do is right
Oh shit, I'm callin' upon my Lordy
Strength is in the business brought by sippin' upon my 40
Ignore me, motherfucker, I think that's what I planned on
Im about my business and these bitches bout there tampons
And I don't even fuckin' like you
Better make a hit cuz you're on motherfuckin' strike 2
No hitter, you're bitchin like you doubt it
I shit hits, and I don't even think about it
Hear me for you see me,Motherfuck it if you feel me
I don't give a motherfuck cuz if I did I wouldn't be me, bitch
Track Name: Fill Me Up
Ay, I'm a corporate soul
I'm all about my dough
If help is what your askin'
I'm inclined to just say no
And maybe if ya'll woulda tried to help me
I woulda tried to help you now
But all ya'll motherfuckers are just thirsty
I've got all of it I think I'll drown so
Fill me up

Verse 1:
Hello motherfucker, I'm the fuckin' brand newest
I is real, you can call me fuckin' jewish
I'm comin' now you're ruined, and you knew it
I can hear you gurglin', I guess you fuckin' blew it
I'm like the shit that you're walkin in, talkin' it
My flow's so cold, motherfucker get your macassins
I'm on fire, get your oven mits
Bitch, I'm the bomb, should be taken by the government
I'm a man, motherfucker, I make my own outcome,
If you want Taji, go buy his fucking album
And that's the funny thing, ya'll try to disregaurd me
Drop more bombs than the motherfuckin' army
ah, born in august
And nothin's gonna change until my soul jumps out my carcas
marques, I'm flyer than the crowe who performed 'em
Rid me scotch, with a shot of the former, ha

I'm in the moment so it's on
Go and get to sippin'
Life, can't live it like me

Here's a moment to live on
Earnin' this livin'
Life, can't live it like me

Verse 2:
Can't sweat the small stuff, winnin' like I rigged it
I'm a fucking laxative, on some fuckin big shit
I'll let ya take a minute, but I can't slow down
Ima take your capital, Ima fucking pronoun
Oh man I really don't like thou
Say you're the best like Jordan so I'm spittin' on the mic now
Awhn. let me flip the coin for you
You're a dull blade I don't fuckin' see the point of you
My flow's so ceptic, Ima take your shit
Never give it back, so fucker suck my dick
I see you wonderin', why your not fuckin big, you're
Still on that hyphy shit, died in 06
And it's alarming, pissin' when I say that
Wonder where I'm from, you can find me where the bay at
Kiss my ass motherfucker, ya'll were born and raised-
-I'm heaven sent, you can see me through the Golden Gate


Ay, I'm a corporate soul
I'm all about my dough
If help is what your askin'
I'm inclined to just say no
And maybe if ya'll woulda tried to help me
I woulda tried to help you now
But all ya'll motherfuckers are just thirsty
I've got all of it I think I'll drown so
Fill me up
Track Name: When The Sun Goes Down
verse 1:
What is that sound, or what or those thoughts, I, really don't know, I, think I might drown em, a cup a vodka and 6 shots with some crown in em, couple seconds then I'm downin' em. little round pills
With a stamp on the front, I guess I'll just pop to feel better about the month,
When I go to sleep, I can't seem to drift off, too many thoughts to let my mind just slip off,
I try to get high in clouded fumes n'
I feel alone in crowded rooms
"Outcast" written on my forehead, branded
God fucked up when he put me on the planet
I can't even sleep when the sun goes down,
it's like my motherfuckin' thoughts have sound, I'd never kill myself,
I get scared when I see these shells, or maybe I would so my CD sells

Ay, got a lot to go
I said I'm ready to go
'Till I'm comfortable
I said I'm ready to go

verse 2:
See, you get depressed when you lose foundation
Drugs are cheaper vacations
Can't pray to God when I lose salvation
Gettin' drunk is my obligation
It's like
Shit, what else can I do wrong
I honestly don't believe that Ima live for motherfuckin' too long
So I'ma live forever in my songs,
and if you don't like 'em you can fuckin' move along
I don't have a chick
and now you fuckin' see it
I'm a fuckin' odd dude, you can take it or leave it
All my friends are ridin', leavin' me to dyin'
I won't act sad, but you can see it in my silence
I know I won't last like forever does,
After 6 months would it be like I never was?
If I ever was?
Why you think I got soul?
I know I'm pretty young, but I feel so old


verse 3:
I motherfuckin' wake up
Feelin' like a fuck up
Don't want to wake up
Think they know what's up
I yell for help, but my motherfuckin' voice fails
I called God but I got his fuckin' voicemail
I got dreams of cars and clothes but when it's over
It's hard to follow dreams with the world on your shoulders
But when we're older, try to fuckin' mock me
Ima get it bro, fuckin' watch me


And I'm live this whole damn life 'till it's over

Track Name: Plastic
Verse 2:
I'll account my hate on nobody that's understandin
I can count the people that I like on one hand 'n
All ya'll think ya'll important, according
to me ya'll, mom's should had an abortion
Unfortunately, proportionally
all ya'll wastin' space accordin' to me
and horribily, ignorance is demandin
I don't go to parties cuz I do not want to chance it
Do not wanna see you, fuck what ya'll think of me
I'll only like ya'll if I've had 11 drinks in me
And that's just a thing with me, I fuckin' hate ya'll
Won't understand the basis even if it was baseball
That's called a pun, you know what that is?
Ya'll dumber than the fuckin' hooker on your mattress
and man the fact is, ya'll bet wrong
Cuz when I make it, Ima spit upon your headstone

And so I'm gone with you 'cause all of you fake
I'm through with bitin' my tounge on the shit that I say
And maybe should be scared of what I want
'Cause I can feel the hate up in my bones

Verse 2:
All ya'll wantin' me cuz I'll make the charts n'
and if ya'll wet, then I'm the arson
Causin' these motherfuckers to refrain
I'll only trust my brothers, same blood in the veins
I'm insane 'n, hollow be my name n'
if your flow is wet then mine uh just got uh painted
Bought a fuckin' chain cuz you saw a fuckin' rapper wear it
But you got 3 words in your vocabulary
See ya'll hangin think ya dope, but
Ya'll would look better hangin' from a motherfuckin' rope
Kai, man, you're soundin' quite scary and
I know motherfucker ya'll made me feel like a alien
Like I'm not normal, so I'm not cordial
with any fake fuckers sayin' I'm abnormal
And that's adorable, trynna understand it?
(beat) and talk shit when they demand it.. fucker


Verse 3:
Everybody likes to copy each other and
Then they say they're independent like they do not need each other
Like they're something to discover, like they're so individual
but all the shit they do is contrived, my shit's habitual
Oh, better get a polo, cuz you saw some asshole
wear it in a photo
Yo bro, sayin dude took your style so you will rock another
When you're a copy of a copy of a-a- copy of a
That's why fucking hate you
You're not only retarded but you're motherfucking fake too
So fuck you and what you heard of, I'ma flip the bird up
and half of ya'll fakes listenin are sayin word up

So, motherfucker I'm not
fit for this shit what do I got
to do? shit, what if I thought,
you were just shit in front of my lot
If you're so sick, what if I bought,
Same shit when I'm big, I mean, why not?
Try to be my shit when I sign dots?
Was fuckin' odd but now I'm not?

Track Name: Rabbit Hole
Verse 1:
Cross legged in my bed
and the thoughts in my head
have fuckin' takin' over me
They're askin', fuckin' harassin'
Face in my hands, prayin' it's passin-
It's like my
thoughts are my own worst enemy
But if I shoot 'em down that's the motherfuckin' end of me
So what's a friend to me, if the fuckin' world's like a dream
Death is the end and life's just a means.

Ya'll try but of course you save me, no
My mind is lost in the rabbit hole
Please save me so
Won't be scared of my thoughts no more
I got somethin' wrong in my mind I know
No one understands the way it goes
Please save me so
I hope that I'm not alone

Verse 2:
-Sleepin's more like a chore 'till the mornin'
I wake up, tired of my thoughts still soarin'
Roarin', louder than they ever were
Got me wishin' that they motherfuckin' never were
Am I in-sane or a product of choice instead
I wish that I could stop the fuckin' voices in my head
Avoided the bed cuz that's when they're the loudest
I swear I'm not as fuckin' crazy as I'm soundin'


Verse 3:
Eyelids shut pray for God's own blessing
but can't go to sleep cuz my thoughts won't let me
They're screamin' at me, about livin' life
Can't dream, all night I'm criticized
What do women like, not Kai bro
You've gotta fucked up mind, won't lie tho
And you and I know, just take a flyin' leap
It's like I die slow, every time I sleep

Track Name: Hide Your Beat
Verse 1:
Got no equal, unsolved logarythm
This is my race, and pace is my perogative
I'm what God's Will Is, lucky number slevin
I'm ya rap career's motherfuckin' amageddon
Hello motherfucker, see I think you know what name it is
Kai Straw fucker, I'm a boss, had you sayin' it
Damn, I'm chilly, get a jacket, and bring mine
My flow's colder than Austin when it's ring time
You're failures fable
Bro, Your bread's missin' like the hole in a bagel
Abel, I am Kane and I am able
To save hiphop like I was born in a stable
Motherfucker, can't rap like this
ya Sinkin' like your stones when you can't quite piss
Here's the list, of rappers who can flow like this
...umm..uhh...well Taj-He-Spitz

Better hide your beat 'cause I'll motherfucking murder it

Verse 2:
Fucker, ya done I'm the bell in the school yard
Can't find pearl, well it's probably where my jewels are
I'm the answer, like your god damn phone rung
I'm so dope, I'm bein' sold by George Yungt find pearl? Well it's probably where my jewels are
I got chicks like a teen fight, see I
Go, and I don't even need a fuckin' green light
I got more gas than your spleen do, we do
Got more knocks than the dealers in the streets do
Flows so cold you don't need to refine it
You try to go hard but I am goin' diamond
Fucka, beef for your burger bitch
Better hide your beat cuz I'll motherfuckin' murder it
I'm dope so smoke me to the face
A mind is, such a fuckin' great thing to waste
Damn I'm fly and I don't need a fuckin' passport
Can't play me, I'm on fast-forward

Better hide your beat 'cause I'll motherfucking murder it

Verse 3:
Everybody wanna come be me, sit when they see me
game on lock motherfucker where the key be
me on repeat, can't defeat me, motherfucker see me
Look for competition but uhh dude I cannot find ya
All ya started runnin like your problems are behind ya
Please may I remind ya, bro I am the bestest
You ain't got no heart so place this beat right where your chest is
You're god damn irrelevant
I'm the fucking elephant
How ya gonna burn me, heat's my fucking element
Let me get another pen, I'm running out of ink tho
Rap's just a race, I get da mile done in cinqo
Track Name: Hail Mary
Verse 1:
Tell me what the fuckin' point of life is
Oh you don't know? well fuckin' don't lie then
Askin' where I've been, in my body just screamin'
Lookin' in the mirrior, I'm dead but I'm breathin
What am I seein *gasp* I'm drownin'
I think I got the answer but I wish I never found it
I just allowed it, I wish that I could try man
But you gonna judge me? I know who fuckin' I am
Oh, hail mary full of grace
Will you please forgive me, and embrace
my doubts, cuz father I have sinned, need encouraging
I think my soul bleeds blood red burgundy
Scared not of what I was, or what I am
but what I will become, 'cause what will I be damned?
it was man who invented the pastor, but
I'm doubting my religion, so I guess that I'm a bastard

Verse 2:
This is a chapter, honest, why lie
Prayin' to God, with your eyes to the night sky
heavin' up there? Do it 'cause your lovin' him?
you voted for McCain 'cause your daddy's a republican
Is it the same? your daddy said to love God
So you said yes sir, prayer and a quick nod
That's the thing about you, you're borrowed
Oh wait a second, here's your motherfuckin' bar code
Sorrow, lights the 'morrow, man hurled
You're a puppet, on the strings of the damn world
Why is that, everybody's pissed at, someone who
sits back, and wonder's if shit lacks
Some logic, forgive my mouth
I was raised in it, I wanna know what it's about
chastised if I doubt, I feel so crucified
So, would you believe if you couldn't die?

Verse 3:
If you hear no evil, see no evil
How the fuck would you know what it was
My thoughts when I buzz, don't bother me cuz
I'm trippin' on life, and you think you're above
These thoughts, is my soul for sale?
If it's not your religion, they all go to hell?
Like what the fuck, does that even make sense?
To any of you? a religion cuz there's so many of you?
So I digress
I don't got it figured out, but I try my best
Gaurd your chest, your heart's mid-evil
Believe in God, 'cause I see this evil
It's creepin' on us, alone in the dark
Spyin' on us, smoke in the car
It's come this far, and it's not foreign
I sold my soul but not I'm motherfuckin' back for it
Track Name: Life Of The Party
Verse 1:
I'm sick and tired of it all
It's all motherfuckin' fake like fuckin' dresses at the ball
I need alcohol, to chill with all ya'll
And if I don't get it I'ma call
Every motherfucker that I know of
But none of 'em will show up
Fake friends can't wait until I fuckin' blow up
But am I fake for smilin' when they show up?
Sho 'nuff, Can't clean my thoughts when I soap up
I don't like your voice, I don't want your calls
I know you like me, but I don't like ya'll
Cuz I'm cold now, -notta damn first for me
and I'm not fuckin' drinkin' cuz I'm thirsty
I'm on a roll
I've been fake to 4 people in a row
and they don't even know, tellin me they love me
A little sad but it's kinda fuckin' funny

I hope I get a drink, where'd my mind go
I know I need water that's a side note
I don't like anybody I see
At least my bottle likes me
I'm the life of the party
Yeah fuckin' hardly
Gotta keep a 5th with me
I don't like you
Or the people I see
At least my bottle likes me

Verse 2:
I'm sick and tired of it all
If I can recall, the last time I saw
anyone faker than ya'll, they were bit nearer
Livin' inside my motherfuckin' mirror
Mistreatment gets you scarred
and that's another reason I don't hold myself in high regard
and I'ma find me God, and I'ma ask him, "Lord?"
"Why is everybody tellin' me that your a fraud?"
It eats my heart when I say lines
Bein' smart is a curse at the same time
When I say why, is the question worth askin'
What I found out made me wish I never asked it
I had a blunt but I passed it, everybody's laughin'
and I'm thinkin' bout my casket
I wish the high would quit progressing
Cuz all this thinkin' makes life so depressing


Verse 3:
I'm sick and tired of it all
cuz lullibies abide by the fuckin' law
and all of my melodies can't enthrall
any fake people so shit fuck em all

I'ma keep my soul, ya'll can sell yours
What would you give up for suicide doors
Feelin' like a whore, livin' for my bucks
who's god damn tired, of givin' a fuck

Track Name: Ego
I know you love what I say
That's why I came from the sun
My turn, ok here we go
Respect my fuckin' ego
Ego (x 12)

Verse 1:
Ya'll need a label. I did it without one
Ya'll dropped a tape? I dropped an album
motherfuckin' wowed 'em,
I'm heaven sent through the Clouds, son
Ya need a savior? Well you found one.
Look I'm a gift from God forgot the ribbon in it
(the) World's mine if I'm livin' on it
I adored all the boredom but
Life is a bitch and you can not afford 'er
Ya'll lost and you mad at me
Don't get the game? Here's it's fuckin' anatomy
You're fuckin' sad to me, caught up with she
My enviroment's (4 syl) a product of me
I'm movin'
Forward, ya'll stuck on backward
Bitch I'm dope, motherfucker here's a backwood
Flow's so cold ya'll freeze like a mac would
I came quick, now you're done, yeah I'm that good


Verse 2:
Motherfucker I'm the shit,
I'm sittin' with your bowels
Don't like my name?
Drop all the vowels. k
Better obey, me in my cirques
Better re-seat like you don't like your purchase-
You wish you had purpose but bitch you have none
Couldn't spit heat with some peppermint gum
I record it
Everything I thought it
And If you don't have it I already bought it, shit
H1N1 Sicker than the rest of 'em
Flow will stop your heart beat, cardiac arrested em
I don't eat beats, fucker I'm injestin' 'em
Try to be a rapper well dude their should be less of em
You're a bitch, here's a bouquet
I'm shinin' like the moon when it's bootlegged
Rap needs change, ya'll beggars
Ya'll left behind like some shit I did in vegas


Verse 3:
I'm on that
New shit, ya'll soundin' ancient
Funny thing is, you talk like you made it
Me I'm quite balant, I am the future
Mentioning bitch. I'm talkn of you sir
Substance abuser, I'm quite dope son
Flow's biblical, you'd think that I've wrote one
Damn, I'm gone, motherfucker alvediasain
Fuck it I shine I don't need a chain
Ya'll motherfuckin' sheep to the slaughter
I'ma eat ya'll, and feed beef to my daughter
Meaning I'ma take ya'll bread and ya water
Can't crawl to mom's cause I, I fuckin' bought her
I'm a business, ya'll better buy
Wait scratch that, I'm an enterprise
I gotta dope flow, and I mastered it
Makin' big hits, need an asterisk

Track Name: Devil's Advocate
I don't know I'm not me no mo'
I'm sayin' a lot it's not me no mo'
Got nothin' to say
I'm a monsta
This isn't I this is my imposter

Verse 1:
You know you love me Kai, why you gotta lie to them
You know you're weak, you need me for survivin' and
Weren't born a lion why the fuck you in the lions den
Stay a sheep you won't get eatin' by the lions then
My home is the shadow of death
I'm get him when he comes through the valley depressed
See, I need a tounge for these words to express, mother-
Fucker, I can steal the soul from his chest
Kai's gone and you can't seem to find him
"I'm write here motherfucker stop lyin'!"
Hurt what he cared for, so be careful
'cause he lost it, I guess that's what it's there for, mother
Fucker, he's dyin', don't worry I'll be rappin' em
Midas touch now my tracks are turnin' platinum
Me, webster could not define, you
Couldn't find my thoughts with a map of my mind


Verse 2:
Hi, first I start with weakening his mind
Maybe take a drink or get a little high
Why? It's easier to move his fuckin' mouth
and say the things I want, the right words comin' out
See, he has nobody to confide in
So he comes to me in certain beats that I reside in
I give 'em confidence, he's takin a toll
Music is the doorway that I enter his soul, see
I'm temptation, I'm clever as fuck, ya see
I am addiction, jealousy and lust
I'm not hungry, hiphop is my food court
Walkin' in the club with my lungs full of newport
Drugs just give 'em coup de grace
Just look at it like a fucking coup de tat
He says, "my bad, vodka brings worst in me"
But I think he likes to bring me out purposely


Verse 3 (starts raining):
It's motherfuckin'
Easy, I just grab him by the throat dude
Steal his vocals speak my thoughts on pro tools
Damn, it's like he doesn't even know about it
hijack is thought and then go reroute it (door breaks open)

What the fuck?
Why you trynna be me, how come
Every time I leave, you some
How fuckin' get here, you fuck
This is it, fucker I'm done
Fuck you, everything you've made me do
Everything you've motherfuckin' made me say
and fuckin' put me through

You can't kill me I live behind your eyelids
Why kid? I thought we were friends, I'm tryin

I see you now, motherfucker leave me now
This is my only way out

see me how? Think we're the same dude I found
(gun shot) (flatline)

Track Name: God
Verse 1:
So what's my purpose God? You never answer me.
Is it my hate or my pride or my vanity
Why'd you put me here just to fuckin' feel like this?
just to question everything and make me feel like shit?
I'm fuckin askin' you God, I know they say you've got the answers
from this book I just got
What, the bible? Written by a man? Like
Half a the shit in this book could be read in the Quran
I don't
Fuckin' understand, God, please, tell me why?
I feel like an alien, plucked from the sky, I'm
See it in their eyes, they know that I'm a lie
I feel like there's a wall between me and my own life
I don't get it, I really fuckin' don't
And I'm gettin' fuckin' tired of doin' this alone
So if you're out there, answer, cuz I"m listenin'
And if you have, I guess I must've missed it then

Verse 2:
I don't blame, but I'm free to complain
so why do half my fuckin' problems gotta live in my brain
I feel insane, I just want to be happy
Why am I like this?
And why would I mic this?
Tellin' the whole fuckin' world how my life is
Then ya say you like this
but I am really like this
This is what I am, this is what I feel like
I hope you realize, this is all real life
I prey to God that this is just a phase
But days turns to months and months turn to decades
And death ain't a thing I can ignore
'Cause decades become coffins in the floor
So I'm wishin' for more out my
Life, and it's hardest when you're livin' it
Lookin' for a path well supposedly he's written it
I'm still fuckin'
lost, and a completely confused
cuz I've seen people happy with a fuckin' house and a view

Verse 3:
I just wish the fuckin' thought would all be worth it
Give all of the sleep I lost a motherfuckin' purpose
Cuz right now I think it's all worthless, 'cause
the universe isn't what's to be concerned with
Even earth isn't anything important
As far as life goes, we all get deported
I think it's somethin' more than we people comprehend
Cuz I don't think my thoughts will save me in the end
And even then, who needs saving
Cuz I think hell would be some immature behaving
As far as God goes, what would he be saying
I don't think anyone is really worth saving
And it's amazing, how some of us can love life
Sit and just appreciate the settin' of the sunlight
'Cause it's some site, and every crook's had it
So stop thinkin' and just look at it
Track Name: Sincerely, Kai
Verse 1:
Dear Uncle Seth,
I know we've never met before,
but this whole life thing has really set me off,
I was 5 when you died, and I remember my mom
would try to hide every time she cried
and I didn't understand at the time
but now I think I get it Uncle Seth, so I'm droppin' a line
See I really feel alone now-a-days
Think those who would've understood have all passed away
And you're one of 'em, I wonder if you'd like me
'Cause if you're like my mom, you're probably like me
There's a couple things I want to ask you like..
like what it's like livin' after death up in the afterlife
'Cause I've been askin' right, probably since 11
Said if you're in hell, I won't believe in heaven
And that's the thing about my mom it's odd, like
you wouldn't have happy home according to God, right?

Verse 2:
Dear Grandpa Jim, I know it's been while
I thought I'd drop a line, there's no phone to dial
To call up heaven or wherever, or whatever
It'd be kinda crazy if a call could reach forever
But anyway, I haven't talked to you since you passed
What does it feel like? Does life go too fast?
Like is the moment fleeting? Or is it like breathing
Think about it too much then it's harder achieving
I don't know I guess I really wish that we could talk
I think that you could understand the lyrics in my songs
I think I'd get along, with you and Uncle seth
Maybe we can sit when I die, and laugh about death
People try to tell me it's all black when it's over
Maybe I'd believe em if it lacked when I'm sober
I just know I'm not happy and a few are
and I hope you're doin' good, wherever you are

Verse 3:
Dear Dad-I-know you're not good with words
At least when both me and you are concerned
so it hurts, 'cause I think about every one
And sometimes it feels like I'm not even your son
I remember, me and Josh sat in his car
and he already knew that I was kinda trippin' before
I got the call
that you were with mom, but they
took her out the room
'cause the pace of your heart,
I guess I lost it
It crossed my mind when I went over to call
Mom, like did I even know you at all
Like did you even know me, or maybe just a part of me?
or was I just a kid that would embarrassed you to introduce at parties
I know we're different and all
but I wanna know my dad before the final withdrawl
the last breath, And that's the thing about life I guess,
We just, don't appreciate life 'till death